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How can I contact Dar Al Takaful?
You may Contact Us via email, phone, mail, or you may visit us at one of our offices.

Where can I find a description of the products currently available?
Please click on the Individual or Corporate links to see the range of products available. Once you find the product that interests you, you can complete the simple form in order to apply for an insurance proposal and one of our colleagues will be contacting you to take it further.

Who are the shareholders of Dar Al Takaful?
Mawarid Finance is the major shareholder of Dar Al Takaful, and is the main source of investors backing the company with solid financial support. The board of directors includes prominent and influential business names in the UAE.


What do I do in case of an accident or claim?
Call the police to ensure that you comply with standard legal and regulatory procedures.

Call 800-Takaful (8252385) and be assured that you are in safe hands.

Can the insurance and registration be in two different names?
The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name stated on the insurance certificate. The Policyholder must have insurable interest in the vehicle.

What is an “excess”?
The amount you will have to contribute towards any non-recoverable claim.

Do I need an original motor insurance certificate?
Yes. The Traffic Law in the UAE requires an original motor certificate in order to register your vehicle.

Why is the motor insurance policy valid for 13 months?
The registration of your vehicle at the traffic department requires a 13 month insurance policy. This is for a registration period of 12 months plus a one month grace period to re-register. The 13 month insurance policy helps ensure that your vehicle is covered during this entire period.

Can I cancel my motor insurance?
The vehicle owner must ensure that insurance cover is valid as long as the motor registration is valid. To cancel the cover, adequate documentation must be presented, including but not limited to proof of cancelled registration, presentation of alternative insurance cover, and certain documentation from the traffic department. Some contribution may be returned after deducting the current contribution charges due, fees and administration charges applicable. Please see our cancellation procedures, terms, and conditions in the motor insurance policy wording.