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Introduction and Salient Features

eBab is one of the leading online (web based) portal in the region to execute smooth, safe & secure and error free Insurance/Takaful transactions in real time. eBab is a state of the art online portal which

  • Facilitates high level of automation of underwriting process for various products enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Helps in faster processing resulting in improved customer\brokers service.
  • Very user friendly, intuitive with a great look and feel.
  • Fully Integrated with Core system to allow seamless flow of information across enterprise.
  • eBab was launched by Dar Al Takaful in  2011 to lead the way in online insurance transaction and to upload vehicle insurance details to Vehicle Registration Service, required by concerned Authorities.

We are continuously updating eBab with our new retail products, schemes, campaigns and other features while maintaining the superior performance and user friendly interface which is a hallmark of our online portal. Currently the products accessible on eBab include Retail Motor products (Khaas, Mumtaz, Almasa and Third Party Liability), Fleet Motor (Comprehensive and Third Party Liability), Marine Cargo, all the Himaya SME products, Home Basic and Travel Takaful.

eBab caters to various channels like B2B (Brokers /Agents, Banks, Rent a car companies, Fleet clients), B2C(Direct Customers), In House employees. It provides automated tariff and facilitates the user to:

  • Get a Quotation
    1. Auto Populating Vehicle and Insured details based on Chassis and License number alone to reduce data entry time.
  • Issue a Policy.
  • Print or Email Quotation and Policy documents.
  • Referral and Secondary Tariff facilities
  • Vehicle valuation control for Motor vehicles. 
  • Pass Non-Financial Endorsements.
  • Access and Manage Policy, Customer and Product Lists.
  • Access Renewal Data of existing customer (coming soon).
  • Send Renewal notification emails and SMS reminders to customers
  • SMS & Emails facility for intimating Clients at various stages of Claims.
  • Renew a Policy (coming soon).
  • Online Payment Gateway with full-fledged B2C features (coming soon).