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To build a legacy of excellence through innovative Takaful products, services and mutually rewarding relationships that are strengthened by a Sharia compliant foundation.


To be a superior leader in Takaful innovations that is treasured by our clientele, respected by our industry and inspired by our Sharia compliant roots.

Corporate Objectives

  • To offer complete Takaful solutions which address the specific needs of our customers.
  • To be a company of choice to our customers as a testimony of our valuable Takaful solutions benchmarked against the industry best practices
  • To reach-out to and promote public awareness and understanding of the concepts and benefits of Takaful as a viable alternative to conventional insurance
  • To ensure continuous human capital development to be at par with the market’s best
  • To become a successful Islamic Insurance company managed by dedicated professionals
  • To share and promote the successful model of Dar Al Takaful regionally and globally